We are currently serving all states except Kansas, & Wisconsin.

Special #1:

From now through July 31st, we're offering for all new starts on Semaglutide, you will receive your second month FREE! This means if you're new to Semaglutide (not transferring care, not already on meds, and starting from scratch), you will qualify for this offer.

*The buy one month, get one free promotion applies exclusively to NEW patients starting Semaglutide.
All participants will begin with a starting dose of 0.25mg for the first month. Please consult our staff for more information.

Special #2:

Our consultation appointment pricing is discounted from $65 to $35 - saving you $30! Offer ends July 31st.

SEMA NEW$275/mo
SEMA 0.4$275/mo
SEMA 0.5$275/mo
SEMA 0.8$275/mo
SEMA 1.0$275/mo
SEMA 1.5$275/mo
SEMA 2.0$275/mo
SEMA 2.5$275/mo
TIRZ 2.5$375/mo
TIRZ 5$375/mo
TIRZ 7.5$375/mo
TIRZ 10$375/mo
TIRZ 12.5$375/mo
TIRZ 15$375/mo
In-Office Pricing
MedicationALL STATES **excludes MS, HI, MN, AL, AR, MI, CA as notedMS, HI, MNAL, AR, MI,CA
SHIP SEMA NEW$275/mo$275/mo$275/mo$300/mo
SHIP SEMA 0.4$275/mo$275/mo$275/mo$300/mo
SHIP SEMA 0.5$275/mo$275/mo$275/mo$300/mo
SHIP SEMA 0.8$275/mo$275/mo$275/mo$300/mo
SHIP SEMA 1.0$275/mo$275/mo$275/mo$300/mo
SHIP SEMA 1.5$275/mo$355/mo$275/mo$300/mo
SHIP SEMA 2.0$275/mo$355/mo$375/mo$300/mo
SHIP SEMA 2.5$275/mo$355/mo$375/mo$300/mo
SHIP TIRZ 2.5$375/mo$375/mo$375/mo$400/mo
SHIP TIRZ 5$375/mo$375/mo$375/mo$400/mo
SHIP TIRZ 7.5$375/mo$375/mo$375/mo$400/mo
SHIP TIRZ 10$375/mo$375/mo$595/mo$400/mo
SHIP TIRZ 12.5$375/mo$595/mo$595/mo$400/mo
SHIP TIRZ 15$375/mo$595/mo$595/mo$400/mo
Telemedicine Pricing
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